Some of my new paintings of the series “The Muses are creating a New Brilliant World”

Picasso said ” Art is washing away the dust of daily life off our souls”.
These new Artworks are a life changing. The colors bring to life any soul that comes in front of them.
These are the Muses creating a New Brilliant World the World that every person dreams of as an Ideal World. I vision them as life changers because they are there to remind everyone who owns them that a New Brilliant World is created and as we think of things they materialize. Since I started doing this series lots of things changed in my Life. Indeed I was very excited when I realized that this series was making me excited and wanted to talk about only this. Why? Because it was making vibrate in a different wavelength than the one I use to vibrate…( lots of existing scene….) And of course when you vibrate at such a high wavelength everything is different. The world or at least your life changes right in front of your eye. These paintings are unique and can take life to a higher level of quality and aesthetics. If you are not a collector I urge you to start acquiring smaller paintings in the beginning like I did. Since I became a collector myself I realized how great it is to own Art and have it in your environment. It really changes you life.