Penelope Art Gallery

On my soul’s walls

This is series of paintings that all show a painting on a wall and these walls are symbols of what is in my soul’s walls.

Which means what I paint is what concerns me as an artist about life andall its parts.

The way this idea was born is that I saw myself and my inner world as a big chamber with many walls and many windows.

Each wall is  painted  by me and showing something about me and my concerns!!!!

In several of them in front of the wall I put my tools with which I paint.

Colors and brushes to show the presence of the artist.

On my soul ‘s walls 100 x 80 cm Acrylic on plexsiglass
On my soul’s walls 150 x 100 cm Acrylic on canvas, for Sale
On my soul’s walls 120 x 120 cm Oil acrylic on canvas For Sale
On my Soul’s walls ,100x80cm oil acrylic on canvas. For Sale
On my Soul’s walls , 80x50cm oil acrylic on canvas. For Sale
On my Soul’s walls , 150x100cm oil acrylic on canvas. SOLD
On my Soul’s walls , The Ozone patch, 50x50cm oil acrylic on canvas
On my Soul’s walls , 120x100cm oil acrylic on canvas
Oil/Acrylic on Canvas, 60x60cm, SOLD

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