Various/Public Spaces

Cyprus series, “History” 90X60cm Oil on canvas Exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris October 2017
“Serenity” Oil on canvas 200x150cm
“Everything flows” Heraclitus 60x60cm, oil on canvas, For Sale Awarded with the Andrea Mantegna Award, Italy 2017



Cyprus series, 90x70cm, oil on canvas
Future pazzle, 190x100cm oil on canvas
Vision 30x20cm acrylic on canvas Exhibited in Venice and Torino at AccorsiArte Gallery 2017
Muses series “The Muses are creating a New Brilliant World” 40x30cm, oil on canvas 2017
Muses series ” The Muses are adjusting this world” 40x30cm, Oil on canvas (SOLD)
The Muses series, “The Muses are intervening triumphantly” 50×40, oil on canvas (SOLD)
The Muses series, “Muse in the New Brilliant World” 30x20cm, oil on canvas, For Sale
My painting at the Toffinis Hotel in Agia Napa 300x120cm mixed media
My Painting by the Reception of Toffinis Hotel in Agia Napa
“Italy” oil on canvas, Sold
“Cavo Greco” at Nelia Hotel Cyprus oil on canvas

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