Penelope Art Gallery

Seeking Freedom

A series of paintings that show the need of Freedom which is in everyone of us and in Man in general. So Man in the game of life has a responsibility in being free from anything he wishes.
When he is not he is seeking for this freedom and as we all at certain moments or more extended amount of times yield into things for pleasure or not we all at a certain point are Seeking our Freedom.
So Seeking Freedom are 2 words that mean a lot for any being.

Seeking Freedom 120 x 100 cm Oil on canvas, For Sale

Seeking Freedom series, “The road out” 190×100 cm Oil on canvas, For Sale

Seeking Freedom 150 x 100 Oil on canvas, For Sale

SEEKING FREEDOM 2006, Oil on Canvas 50x70cm, FOR SALE

Seeking Freedom series, “Serenity” 200x130cm, oil on canvas, Sold

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