Penelope Art Gallery


It is another series of paintings I do which  addresses our spiritual power as the means of solving all problems concerning our life and future survival. Here I use symbols to represent spirituality and make the viewer understand that his power is his spirit and also a responsibility at the same time. The more spiritual you are the more responsible you are towards life and all its parts of living.

I also use the  owl which is the symbol of wisdom and a dove which is the symbol of peace. By applying wisdom and knowledge to life there can only be peace amongst us and on Earth!

Please use your best Wisdom and Spirituality to create a peaceful life on Earth and in your personal lives.

Spirituality 40 x 30 Oil on canvas
“Spirituality” , oil on canvas 120x80cm, Awarded with Leonardo Da Vinci prize in Florence Italy. Sold

“Spirituality” , oil on canvas , 50X50CM, For Sale

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