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Penelope Constantinou is an Internationally Awarded, Cypriot artist, portraitist and Art teacher, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, Italy. She was taught by the professor Fernando Farulli. During her studies she also attended History of Art, Etching, Art Restoration, Pedagogy, Design, Graphic Arts, and Photography.

After her studies she opened her first Art Studio in Nicosia, and started exhibiting her Art in various Art Galleries. During the same time she worked as the Assistant of the scenographer Angelos Angeli on costumes and props in the National Theater and other private theaters.

Two years after, she moved to USA and lived there  for many years exhibiting her Art and doing more Art related courses  and took self improvement education

In 2005 she returned  to Cyprus and in 2006 she opened  her Art School and Art Studio/Gallery in Nicosia.

In 2008 she created her own Company, Penelope Constantinou Art & Design Studio Ltd which she runs up to today.

In 2016 she opened her new space “Penelope Art Gallery” in Nicosia at Armenias 23c  Street. Her art work is currently exhibited there.

Penelope has done 27 solo exhibitions and participated in 60 group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad.  Her Art is found in many private, state collections and Museums around the world. She has done more than 7,000 portraits which are found all over the world and her FB page Penelope Constantinou Art & Portraits has more than 144,000 fans. Her Art is found also in various celebrities collections like the Family of Martin Luther King in USA, Yanni the Musician in USA, Jean Michel Jarre in France, R. Cristiano,  Michalis Hadjiyannis, Yannis Parios.

She also received 3 International Awards including the Leonardo Da Vinci Award received in Florence, Italy this year, The Andrea Mantegna Award in Mantova, Italy, in 2017 and the Tribute to Tiziano Award in Venice in 2018.

Penelope did the illustrations of various books including 2 books of the American Author Jon Markwardt.

She is a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts and the Visual Artists Association of Cyprus and many other   Art groups and Associations around the world.

She runs 4 groups on Facebook.

Apart from her Academic education Penelope has been for many years training and improving her Entrepreneurial skills doing seminars and self-improvement courses and taking social media classes including Art related courses and Mentoring on line.

She speaks 7 languages.

In her vast collection of paintings there are oil paintings on canvas, acrylic paintings on canvas available for sale.

Penelope Constantinou  can accept commissions on oil paintings or portraits in oil color and paintings for Hotels or other  Public Spaces.

Please contact the artist here for any questions.  The artist can accept payments via paypal and can ship everywhere on the planet with very special packaging.




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