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Cookies are small text files that website automatically send to the browser and are stored on the user’s computer or mobile device.

Cookies contain basic information about Internet use and through the browser they allow the website to remember information about the user’s visits.

Types of cookies used by this website

This website uses cookies and, in some cases, third-party cookies, in order to improve the user’s experience on the web, to allow the user to make use of this website’s services and to help the user to select advertisements in line with the user’s interests and preferences.

Cookies used by this website are described herebelow.

How to manage cookies

Technical cookies
These cookies are necessary to help this website function properly. For instance, technical cookies allow the user to remain logged in during navigation and to avoid to log in to other pages.

Customisation Cookies
These cookies allow the user to save defined settings on this website such as language preferences.

Statistical analysis cookies

Google Analytics: these cookies allow for the user’s behavior and time spent on this website to be monitored and analysed and provide information on which parts of the website interest the user or if the user experiences any errors during navigation.

These cookies play a very important role in improving the user’s experiences on this website.

Third-party Cookies
Google Adsense: These cookies enable advertising spaces within this website. Third-parties advertising on this website may provide additional cookies for their services.

Information on Third-party cookies, or on how to manage authorization is available on
the browsers listed herebelow.
Visiting the link it is also possible
to obtain information on advertising behavior, as well as on how to disable/enable third-parties
working with website operators to collect and use information for the benefit of their advertising.

How to manage cookies through the most popolar browsers:

Internet Explorer browser
– In the tools menu select “Internet options”
– Click the privacy tab;
– move the slider up to block all cookies or to the bottom to allow all cookies and then click OK.

Firefox browser
– In the tools menu select “Internet options”;
– Click the privacy tab;
– uncheck the “Accept cookies” and click OK.

Safari browser
– In Safari select “Edit” and select “Preferences” menu;
– Click on “Privacy”;
– Place the “Block cookies” setting to “Always” and click OK.

Google Chrome browser
– Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar and select “Settings”;
– Click “Show advanced settings”;
– In the “Privacy” section click the “Content Settings” button;
– In the “Cookies” section select “Do not allow sites to store data” and control “Block third-party cookies and the site data” and click OK.

For other browsers, check in the browser settings to see how cookies are handled.

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